All counties are accepting our certificates EXCEPT the following: Adams, Arapahoe, Archuleta, Baca, Boulder, Broomfield, Delta, Denver, Douglas, Eagle, El Paso, Elbert, Fremont, Jefferson, Kit Carson, La Plata, Larimer, Las Animas, Logan, Mesa, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, Pueblo, Routt, Summit.


I was amazed at how much I didn’t know before the class. Thank you!!!

— Daniel Wilson

Very nice course, thank you.

— Anthony Reid

Very good video. I have taken several gun classes and this was really just about as thorough as any of them.

— Jim Dexter

After having a California CCW permit for over 15 years and going through their renewal procedures every 5 years this has been a joy.

— Bill Brummel

I found this to me very informative and professional. The class/video viewed was one of the best firearm safety/information presentations I’ve seen. Good work!

— Kimmer

This was a very informative class and feel that you covered the basics for people with little to no knowlege, I appreciated the child saftey info having a 6yr myself. And as you stated in the class knowing your firearms operation and maintenance along with practice practice practice is the key to firearm saftey!!!

— Derrick Hays

Thank you for the good info. It would be helpful to know which 2 questions I missed.

— Karyn Wallace

The class was nice and clear. I have owned for many years and the class was easy to follow – easy to use and the test was great. I am excited to get my concealed carry. I am referring my wife and her friend to do.

— Jeffrey Proctor

Good class. I like the fact that it can be shown to others, including children, as a safety reminder. Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words from Grandpa.

— Lawrence Weber

This was very easy to listen to and follow the information. I learned a number of things that I need to work on, like shooting more to become more proficient and keep my skill level up.

— Barb Arnett

I am very impressed with the knowledge and how simple you made the course. My wife will be taking the test next, and she will be surprised how informative the course is!

— James Burzinski

Great class. Very informative even for an someone that is already very familiar with firearms.

— Bryan Antle

Great class, only one problem was the last couple of minutes where it locked up.

— Kim Woynowskie

I found the video to be very well put together and informative. This was a perfect service for me because I have previously passed a certification course in another state and it was a great refresher. The only thing I could recommend to people taking the online course is that there is nothing that can take the place of practice. this course is great but make sure to take the time to get comfortable with your firearm.

— Ernie

I found the video to be a nice refresher course and a good reminder as to what responsible gun ownership means. Most of the questions on the test were common sense and ones that most gun owners should already know.
Even if I don’t use the permit I have the option now and I am within the state law.

— George M

I loved this training. It was quick, informative, and gave great to-the-point instruction and information. I liked the convenience of the online format and was very satisfied with the training and the test. Thanks so much!

— Gloria K.

This is a very good course. It reminds experienced firearm users of some of the basics of safe firearm usage.

— Matt P.

Great Job! The information was really helpful.

— Mike R

I enjoyed this professional and informative online training for my Colorado Concealed training.

— Richard Tokarz

This was one of the most understandable, best presented courses that I have taken!

— William White

Great website, reccommended to me by my father. I learned a lot, thank you!

— Timothy D'Amour

I am military trained. (Air Force) This was an excellent refresher course for me that validated the training I received 20+ years ago. Good common sense facts and useful for meeting requirements for Colorado concealed carry.

— Ken

This was an informative & well-demonstrated video class. Easy to view, follow, and understand. It is my intent to have my entire family (including granddaughters old enough) to sit and watch video together. Our family includes hunters and sheriff dept. personnel – firearms in every home and think this is well worth anyone’s time, whether or not, they intend to be a concealed weapon’s carrier.

— TBrady



Cool course! I really like the “scare you into paying attention” video clips you use to make your points. Great Job! I’m recommending all my family members to come and take this course.

— David Kimes

Very informative, great experience, thank you so much for providing this service.

— Bill Peters

Excellent course with the fundamentals. Well done!

— Dan

This was a great refresher and good information. Very well presented and good examples. Thank you so very much. I have shared this website with many co-workers.

— Laura Smith

This is a very convenient way of getting your concealed weapons permit, especially when you are very busy and can’t find the time to take a weekend class.

— Greg W

This is a great video lesson, it is a must see for everyone that owns a gun or plans to own a gun.


Great course. Up to date video and well presented. Informative and practical handgun safety information. Straight forward test questions. No tricks.

— William

Great class – lots of common sense information presented in a way that keeps things moving.

— Al Watson

Very easy to use site. Customer service department was great; very helpful.

— Cory

Excellent presentation. Recommending it to my Great-grandkids.

— Jon

Thanks for the opportunity for I live in a somewhat rural area and would have to travel many many miles to secure this concealed carry permit.

— Gerald

This was a very informative class! Perfect for those who are familiar with shooting and their weapons. Having the ability of completing this class in my own office and keeping my business private.

— Renee